β€œIn this world, we don’t exist.
Our learnings, teachings, thoughts, actions and emotions translated into a universal binary language.
Our dreams, decoded.
Our awareness, deconstructed.
Our reality, re-designed.
This is the world where the machines, dream.”

July 12-13, 2019 // 10:00 - 20:00
NewWerkTheatre, Amsterdam

FFxNUNC quarterly, modular ART x TECH program launches with two days of open panel discussions, project sharing, showcase and participatory workshops.

Speakers and artists excavate narratives, purpose and sociocultural dimensions of transhumanism and pervasive alternate realities. 

If you are - active not passive, caring not distant, curious not conformist. You may be a citizen-designer, neo-activist, creative-hybrid, alternate-educationalist, socio-researcher, gaia-strategist, mixed-realist, pro-humanist or anything in between. A curious creature willing to traverse across different realms of perceived realities... 

...We see you. Come closer.