We invite you to join us in a 2.5 days manifestation of a world in alternating realities, where we wire into a realm of electronic dreams. An open dialogue, a tech-culture dissection, a participatory learning workshop, manifestation of our wired-desires, a creative exploration where we re-design our reality, that concludes with an immersive showcase closing party.

For who:

This is a place where the humans with kryptonite-hearts gather.
“Agents-of-Alternatives”, we say.
“As how?”, you ask.
You whom exhibit these common-denominator features:
Daring individuals who share a critical awareness of our social, cultural, ecological and economic condition. Have a vision, while adaptive to changing circumstances; open and transparent. You whom are active not passive, caring not distant, curious not conformist. You may be a citizen-designer, neo-activist, creative-hybrid, alternate-educationalist, socio-researcher, gaia-strategist, mixed-realist, jaded-humanist or anything in between. You may be an independent or part-collective curious creature seeking a creative reboot, or a learning student with an insatiable appetite to explore the different realms of perceived realities. 


Our position is that everyone and everything, has the capacity to change ‘what happens next’. Anyone or anything, can contest the societal norms, or contemporary paradigmatic forces. An alternate social assemblage, where we and our mentors, contributors, performers and attendees would get together to discuss, adapt and adopt sociological and anthropological views involving social structure, systems and rules which binds or breaks them. We invoke healthy form of disagreement and discourse as part of our civic learning and human-conditioning, not confined within formalized practices of society.